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Cypress martial arts class


Leadership skills are essential in real life! When you become a leader, it will become easier to make friends and help guide others. It’s like growing strong and smart while making the world a better place.

Houston martial arts class


We’ll challenge you in every class and guide you through. As you overcome these challenges, your self-esteem will grow, building your confidence, resilience, and a rock-solid foundation for the rest of your life.

best martial arts school in Houston area


We will encourage and push you out of comfort zone. As you learn and grow your skillset, you will become more comfortable and feel your confidence and self-esteem begin to grow.

What Do 12-15 Year Olds Do in Our Classes?

Cypress Kids Martial Arts

Move & Warm up your Body

We start all classes with warm ups and stretching. We make it super fun so you enjoy working on your strength and flexibility before the real fun starts.


Work on New Core Skills

We don't just teach kicking and punching. Each class focuses on introducing and practicing a new skill that will help you on your path to black belt.


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That depends on your schedule and program, but most 12-15 year olds come to 2 classes per week. If you love the classes, we likely have a program that will allow you to attend more!

We will check-in with you during your trial to see how everything is going. When you’re ready, our team will walk you through the enrollment process.

What Members Are Saying

Hey Houston parents! Looking for the best martial arts school near me? Would you like your child’s activity to be fun AND teach them life skills? Here’s what some of our members have said after choosing us:

Mary Forsythe Dover

Barrons is more than just another martial arts facility, it is a family. Mr. Barron is an amazing instructor whom genuinely cares about the kids and people he teaches. If you want your kids to be respectful, ethical and really pull internal strength, Mr. Barron will help to facilitate this. My son has become more mind and body conscious. He has established some really great relationships and has been able to become more in sync with others, while being able to decipher the type of person he does and does not want to be. I feel this discipline has helped with this.


Master Barron is very knowledgeable and professional and has great patience, with students of all ages. I truly believe this class is helping build self confidence and discipline.The classes focus on building the body and the mind. Students are taught in a way that is easy to understand, and with a calm approach that helps build respect and discipline. I am extremely satisfied with the results and recommend this establishment.

Chris True

My brother and I have been in this organization for roughly 10 years. We started around the age of 11 and 8. This is not just martial arts. This is a way of life. Through training and the mentorship of Master Bob Barron, I have become not only a man with some knowledge of martial arts, I have become a gentleman ready for the challenges of the world around me. With different parts of training from physical fitness to mental challenges, to things like meditation and breathing exercises,I had learned a lot about myself and others around me. The people I had met there are great friends today. Even when life gets in the way, I try to return to see what other things I can learn that will expand my physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries. Master Barron and Barron’s karate will always be capable of expanding these boundaries.

Adriana Jackson

Thankful for attending the Bully – Proof seminar @ Barron’s Martial Arts. Strongly recommend the expertise of Master Barron for everyone! Diego came in a little nervous, and truthfully left with a good dose of self confidence! Thankfully, we do not have a bully problem, but thought I would give my son some resources to build more understanding and know how to handle those situations in the event of.

Sheri Taylor

Great teacher! Teaches you from where you are and helps you exceed you own expectations. Encourages you to never give up!

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